I'm Megan, I do a lot of creative things!

I'm currently a freelance Digital Designer with a huge passion for animation and creating fun illustrations.


To get the boring part out the way, I graduated University with a...

2:1 BA (Hons) in Digital Art & Design.

Fancy, I know.


Recently, I have been focusing on furthering my skills in motion graphics and digital illustration.

My aim is to constantly grow and learn as an artist, advancing my current skill set as well as achieving many new ones.


Education aside, I have worked alongside many teams in the hospitality industry. From leaving high school in 2009 to present day, thus enabling me with the ability to work well with others, as well as, facing challenging situations on my own.


With this, I am keen to dive into the creative sector and give my all to any projects and tasks thrown my way!


Below I have links to my CV and Dissertation if you want to see me talk more in depth about animation and it's benefits!

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